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About Burcu Türker

Hello comic lovers,

my name is Burcu. I am a comic author, illustrator and story teller based in Berlin.
I love to write stories and draw them in a way people feel touched. 

I am interested in the antagonisms in daily lives. How do environments (buildings, nature, streets, objects) reflect the style of living of the inhabitants? What stories are hidden between them? What relationships evolve and how are they expressed? My stories are always emotional, and sometimes political.

In 2018 I won one of the two first comic scholarships of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in Berlin and spent six months working on my new book "Au même moment" (All at once) in Cité internationale des arts in Paris which I presented in the “Petite Galerie” of Cité internationale des arts during my solo exhibition. I am recently still working on it to be able to find a publisher.

My one page comic “Wer schützt wen wovor?” (Who protects who from whom?) was published recently in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It is a conversation between a yellow vest protester and a police man on one day of the demonstrations. The police man admits that he is just following orders. And the protester enjoys to be seen as dangerous.

My graphic novel “Süße Zitronen” (Sweet lemons) was published at Jaja Verlag in Berlin and tells an autobiographical mother-daughter-story. It is a sentimental look on the life of my mother who was an actress in Istanbul before she left her country to build a family in Germany. The young me contemplates about her own expectations on her own life and tries to find out where they come from and if they are important or not, now that her mother died. It is a colourful and loving insight into a close relationship.

You can find my work on my Website and my Instagram. 

So what can you expect here on Patreon and what are my recent projects and ideas:
-I am still working on "Au même moment". It needs a little finishing touch.
-Also, I will be working on my first children’s book. The storyboard still needs some time and affection and I would love to share my process with you
-I'd love to design greeting cards, wrapping paper and other stationers. They will be about occasions that should be more celebrated! I am so excited to share my ideas with you!

For my Patrons I will give exclusive insight view on my working progress, you'll get nice discounts and even originals, depending on what you are looking for! So check my tiers and choose how you would like to support me.

How it works
By becoming a part of my Patreon community, you are directly helping me to produce more artworks and find more time to keep creating my dream projects to share with you. Every little bit of your support makes me happy and motivated to create drawings and paintings and stories that will hopefully bring joy to your lives too.
If you like my work, and you want to support me, just choose how much you want to pledge per month. Even $1 makes a difference!
You can cancel this anytime, and can adjust your fee whenever you please. 

Thank you for being here!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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