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Mighty Minnow

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THANK YOU for supporting our work in shaking up the world for female storytellers.
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You love us, you sweet wee guppy! Welcome to our exclusive updates and awesome community of patrons. 

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Sweet Salmon

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Who does't love salmon?! And you clearly love us. So let's get you in some swag to celebrate this lovefest. You're officially part of the family, so you get the Friends  Family discount.
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Like shiny things? So do barracuda! Since you're visually oriented (like us), let's dabble in some good clean video fun.
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Well HELLO there! Step on in... to our credits! For every project we release during your membership, we'll give you props in writing. Forever.
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Big Fish

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"Big Fish" is one of Ella's favorite movies. You're clearly someone of distinctive character, much like the cast of this quality tale. Welcome to our mermaid menagerie.

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Rock Star! Rock Fish. Sea Star. Whatever you like to be called, we're in. Plus Ella will create a 2-minute video update each month, just for you.
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Venus/Neptune on a Half Shell

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Goddess/God status here. You're the moon to our tides. Thank you for believing in us and making the world a magical place to live.

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