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About Butt Toucher (World Domination)


At one point we had over 10,000 registered members on our butt-touchers.com website. However, the site disabled once funds ran out in 2016, and our clan dwindled down to under 100 members by 2018.

Currently, we are getting better organized and openly recruiting to grow our ranks once more. Patreon donors will help keep us running and get us toward our goals.

There are so many awesome projects to plan but so little funds to get them going. Thank you for your part in all this.

Side Note: We also needed a way to automate member verification on our Discord server and Patreon has Discord integration so it seemed like a good idea to utilize Patreon for that, among other things.

- Diet Ebola Cola (Founding Member) - February 2018 -

-- LINKS --

- Warframe Referral Code (PC) (free loot for us and for you)
- Clan Discord Server (voice & text chat)
Warframe Forums Clan Page (link your WF account on official forums)
- Follow us on Twitter @ClanButtToucher
Follow us on Twitch
Subscribe on Youtube
Join us on our Facebook Group 
Join us on our MeWe Group
- [email protected] (clan support email)


Direct donations can also be made through  Paypal if you wish to contribute immediately beyond the Patreon benefits and donation system that processes at the beginning of each month.


SPECIAL THANKS go out to  Yuikami for allowing us to use her Warframe Chibi Art on this site. She rawks!

SPECIAL THANKS go out to Minimum for securing the butt-touchers.com domain when we lost funding for it 2 years ago. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Warframe syandanas.

SPECIAL THANKS go out to Admiral.Panda and BR34D for stepping up and keeping us going strong in my absence. There are no words to express my appreciation. Synchronized twerking shall have to suffice.
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