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About David Butterworth

My name is David Butterworth and just like you I am more than a bunch of labels, although some of them for me, I guess, are: human being, husband, dada, son, brother, fitnosophist, iconoclast, mad scientist,... and post apocalyptic trip guide. 

Apocalypse? Yeah, maybe.

Guide? Yes.

During the melee and associate rigamarole, you might need some support. We all might.

I offer my [20 + yrs] experience receiving you wherever we are, offering relationship and ideas so that you may recognize the energy available to you to live the way you want.


Also, what I really want to say is:

Please help support our adventure that is only just beginning, always. The education is living and life is the education, as we see it. It's my wife Shalin and our boy Brixton, and me (for now this is how we roll): Living in our 5th Wheel [aptly named by Brix, 3) "Buttermocandy" and traveling, exploring, getting into this and that and curiously going about...

aka being.

In order to fund our life of love and learning as process (in other words our tripping, and our procuring of delicious, nutrient-dense food), we need $$$.

Rather than simply asking for donations, we would like to offer our service (see this "Butter Guidance" Patreon).

In addition to how we can transact here, Shalin offers in person and virtual birth guidance, and teaches birth education classes (https://www.sozenbirthservices.com/).

I also offer my experience as an "educator" in Math tutoring for high-school or junior high-school aged individuals, in person or via zoom (https://www.buttertutoring.com/ ) *I was a high school teacher for over a decade before retiring.

Additionally I offer private RunWild Trip Guidance (part of my "athletic" and "strength" background), across the country wherever we are next, or right in your neighborhood (https://www.playzenso.com/services )!

Among other odds-and-ends type trades or labels, the afore-writ options are currently our "jobs".

*** If you're not in need of any of the above-mentioned services, and you still want to contribute to our familying and otherwise sharing of the process from our particular vantages, then by all means, sure, we'll humbly accept your gift(s). Donate!


Oh, follow Zenso (https://www.instagram.com/z_e_n_s_o/) and SoZenBirth (https://www.instagram.com/sozenbirth/) on instagram;

and Butter Being on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCA4R85RFQHOiPJBHKYiWA/videos?view_as=subscriber );

and listen to the Butter Living Podcast(s) on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW008CJdPC_1ziLGt...

or Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/show/3hfAbpOZVU3IQTfxnxrc...

AND check out Brixton's blog (https://shaybutters.wixsite.com/brixblog ).


Truly, thank you for checking in (and reading)!

David (and Shalin and Brixton) Butterworth.


"As the true method of knowledge is experiment, the true faculty of knowing must be the faculty which experiences." ~William Blake


More specifically on my "Patreon" services here:

My history is rich in helping hundreds of unique people discover their own innate navigation systems and resources, so that questioning may see the light of day, and trust in one's own experience may take priority. Also life may get a lot more fun.

Of course, what it means to let me guide you, is that you will, in the long run, save a shit-ton of $$$ because you will be able to finally say "No", to the latest bells and whistles (i.e. "weight loss secrets", "best diet", "ultimate strength program", etc.); you know, the schnoggle-babble being firehosed at you from every angle by the business of "health and fitness".

Seriously, with little respect to the corporate, competition-based culture of marketed drivel and propaganda, it will probably be nice for you to learn how to be okay not being a part of that, allowing yourself just to be, with encouragement from someone like me who makes it his job to offer perspectives you might not otherwise see, which give you a chance at feeling well, while appreciating your own ass.



I do not offer any "way" because there is no one way (and yet whatever way arises might be a way, for you). Didn't Fyodor Dostoevsky say something like, "To go wrong in one's way is better than to go right in someone's else's"? Also, I am not a "doctor", and happily not. I think Hippocrates said, "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool." I think he also said, "That which is used - develops. That which is not used wastes away." On that note, please let me guide you into a reality tunnel where gratitude, curiosity, and spunk get used more, and stress and degeneration less. Also let me tell you here that I am not responsible for anything - wonderful or tragic - that happens to you. What next? Let's find out!

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