Butterscotch is creating Music & Videos

Sugah Baby (Early Access)

$1 /creation
  •  Free Mp3 of every single before it’s officially released. You get to bump it before ANYONE else!

Butterscotch Chips (Exclusive Content)

$5 /creation
  • High Quality Downloads of New Songs.
  • Video Downloads
  • Behind the Scenes (Patron Only Content) where I show the process of creating a song, jamming out or being a goofy weirdo.
  • Plus Previous Reward

Golden Brownies (Private Livestream)

$10 /creation
Join me for a monthly Livestream performance.
  • Watch me JAM OUT with my loop station for a patron-only livestream, and see what beat I'll improvise on the spot!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Video Credit Cupcake

$20 /creation
  • You are freaking AWESOME and deserve to be credited.
  • Your name at the end of my next video. 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Sweet Ringtone

$50 /creation
  • Want me to serenade you when people call you with a special beatbox song? I'll record one 15-20 second ringtone greeting just for you.  
  • This includes all the previous rewards tha...

Buttah Video Chat

$75 /creation
Pick My Brain!
  • Do you have questions about beatboxing?  The music industry? Life? How to bake a potato?
  • This includes one 30 minute video chat.
  • Plus all previous rewards....

Butterscotch Supreme (Personalized Song)

$200 /creation
Do you have a song request?
  • Personalized video for 2 minute song.
  • Plus all previous rewards

If you want this to be a One Time Payment for one creati...


Galactic Scotch

$1,000 /creation
  • Scotch is on me! Let's meet up and I'll buy you a drink and we shall share a toast in your honor! 
  • I'll film a 30 second beatboxing clip for you and your family. Send me the names...