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Your support directly contributes to the overhead at the Button Shy HQ.  You'd be surprised how hard it is to break even in this business. Every  dollar helps keep the lights on, the prototypes sleeved, and the dry  erase markers stocked.

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Supporters at this level will receive a $1 discount on a Wallet  Game Kickstarter Pledge or Wallet Game purchase from  ButtonShyGames.com.

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Supporters at all levels will receive PDFs of some upcoming and unreleased games before anyone else.

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This is the start of the Board Game of the Month Club. We're starting with some postcard sized games, then we'll be expanding to some micros and then we'll see how big it gets. All support is appreciated and helps a very small publishing company do things that are a little outside the norm. So what do you get...? 

Personal Space - Postcard Game Series 
(Designed by Jason Tagmire)

Trolling For Trouble - Expanding Game  
(Designed by Mike Mullins)

Chain Mail Character Promo Cards
(Designed by Jason Tagmire and Jason Greeno)

$2 Discount on Wallet Games
Supporters at this level will receive a $2 discount on a Wallet Game Kickstarter Pledge or Wallet Game purchase from ButtonShyGames.com.

PNP Games
Supporters at all levels will receive PNPs of most upcoming games before anyone else.




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Button Shy is the little guy in a big world. A small board game publisher trying to make an impact on a fast paced industry with thousands of new games a year. Without being able to compete with low prices or large print runs, Button Shy is simply just doing things it’s own way.

Join our Board Game of the Month Club and you can receive the following:

First And Foremost, A Big Thank You - For helping us continue to release cool little games that otherwise may never see the light of day.

Postcard Games (All levels) - For 2020 we are releasing Personal Space. (Designed by Jason Tagmire)

Welcome to your Personal Space. A continuous game of living your best life. This is a game that touches on so many elements, and skips so many others. You’ll play once a day (if you would like to) and experience a little bit of the daily life on your planet. You can go to your job, collect resources, explore side moons, interact with your neighbors, interact with other players, and much more. The starter pack will get you everything you need to play and then each month we will introduce a new moon, new concepts and new gameplay. There are real life elements to the game (your real life weather and time of day will matter), and there is some real life communication involved as well (you can interact and trade with other players - and the game - online - for example, do you want a better job in game? You can apply online for it.).

Let’s talk about the product itself. Everyone will get a unique character card. Everyone will also receive a mixed set of starter items (neighbors, job, etc). Each month, you’ll get the same side moon, but maybe a different inhabitant. There’s no real way to get everything, but here’s why. We want this to be a personal and unique experience for everyone. A few other weird things to note: There are Roll & Write and PNP elements, some digital elements too. There’s no way to win or lose. It’s all about the experience and making it exactly what you want. Do you want to load up on resources every day incase there’s something awesome to trade for? Go for it. Maybe you want to load up on resources and give them away each day? That’s all you. Maybe you just want to explore and meet new people? Or concentrate on a hobby? Or set daily goals and knock them off your to-do list? Or just wander in the rain in the middle of the night? We’re going to make everything possible. Some immediately, some over time.

This is something very different for us, and it’ll grow throughout the year. It’s a tough thing to tackle, and we hope to make it the best thing it can be.

Bonus Game (All levels) - Trolling For Trouble (Designed by Mike Mullins)

The adventures of Earthshine’s Chasm are getting to be few and far between. With dwindling opportunities to ambush would-be-heroes, the monsters have to find a way to decide who gets to go into the dungeon looking for trouble.

Each round, players are dealt a face-down monster role. They will try to convince their fellow monsters who should be sent to fight the hero, and who should be left behind. Each monster has it's own agenda, including the Troll that can steal coins if players mistakenly leave it on the sideline. Each monster sent into combat will roll a die to try and defeat the hero and gain the spoils. With some good monster social skills and a bit of luck, you'll be able to grab 7 coins before any of your opponents and claim victory.

Promo Cards (All levels) - Chain Mail (Designed by Jason Tagmire & Jason Greeno)

This is a funny one. A direct result of the Chain Mail community involvement. EVERYONE HATES THE THIEF. Here’s why. He’s twisting and turning his dial with a chance for error that caps at 50%. Well if the dice aren’t your friend, that can be 100%. But there are a few reasons for this. 1) He has some great abilities, like the power to dual attack almost every turn. Even if it’s every other turn, it’s more often than any other character. But 2) not all characters should be great. One of the goals for Chain Mail was to create a fully modular solo / co-op experience. If you want to make a mix of characters that will be a real challenge, replace the Cleric with the Thief. You’ll have a very different game.

But we still know that he’s not a favorite, so it introduces us to 2020 and our plans for Chain Mail. We plan to make Chain Mail 2.0 a boxed version that takes all of the best bits, makes a few clarity changes, and adds some new stuff. But alongside of that, we want to add a few things for Chain Mail 1.0 for all of you. The first is a set of new characters. These are the same classes you’ve seen, but new characters in those classes.

How do we define a class? By the structure of their card. You’ll see the new Thief below, and notice her card is the same, but her icons and values are different. You can play Tsarra OR Samear in your games. You could also play Tsarra AND Samear if you want to go all out on theives. Expect that for many other classes throughout the year. And maybe some other non-character stuff mixed in. One big plan is to provide some digital scenarios and challenges. Not so much a club item, but something club members may appreciate. We'll see how it all goes!

Extra Promos Or Microgames ($10+ levels) - Each month you will receive one of the following: A new game of up to 9 cards, one or more small expansions to existing Button Shy Games.

Expect a handful of expansions. We have the final pieces of The Perfect Moment, Anthelion, and Mech Age coming your way. But there are also new expansions coming. Expect to see Sprawlopolis: Interstate early in the year. Expect to see FOUR 6 card expansions for SpaceShipped, mixing things up in a big way. Expect to see a tiny Liberation expansion that we’ve been holding out on for a while now. There are also a few solo games that we could see expanded. Maybe some new Tussie Mussie: Flower Shoppe cards?

And aside from expansions there will be some new smaller games. We ran into some snags on the 9 card line because they are hard to package. We can’t seem to get 9 cards and rules into a single sleeve, and we aren’t big fans of leaving the rules outside of the sleeve. So we started looking at some other formats. We are planning some 3 card games that use dice and cubes. Similar to the original Twin Stars sets and MechAge. And other than that, expect a few surprises. We’ve got an amazing design community behind the 18 card challenges that we’ve been posting, and we hope to see more great games from them.

Print And Play Games - Early print and play versions of our upcoming games or games that we're playing around with.

Discounts On Our Monthly Kickstarter Wallet Games - Supporters here get discounts from 10% to 100% off.  

A Member Card / T-Shirt - Everyone gets a card, but depending on your reward level, you might get a cool T-Shirt too! 

Access to the secret BGOTC channel on the Button Shy Discord. So many good people to chat with!

NOTE: International supporters - The USPS is not our friend. Shipping on the $5 level will cost $1 extra, the $10 level will cost $2 extra. For those of you who want to support the $20 level, but the shipping is too much, we've made a level so that you can receive the games every other month and save a few bucks. See the new categories on the right.
$1,000 - reached! per month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts

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