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$1 Discount on Wallet Games
Supporters at this level will receive a $1 discount on Wallet Game Kickstarter Pledges or Wallet Game purchases from ButtonShyGames.com.
PNP Games
Supporters at all levels will receive PDFs of a variety of games in our library. Many new games come through here. Some upcoming and unreleased games come through before going to anyone else.

Wallet Games Monthly (US/UK)

per month
Every month you will receive our newest featured wallet game, one of its expansions (if any are available), and additional bonus content, which may be standalone micro games or expansions for other games. Shipping is included.

You also gain access to our rotating PNP dropbox featuring many new games as they are released.

This is about $21-$25 in value, and for someone that wants all of the wallet games automatically sent, as well as some additional bonus material.

Supporters at this level will receive a Button Shy T-Shirt after 3 months of support.

NOTE: Our role playing line is not included in this level. This also does not include our Postcard Game series. That series has been limited at this time.

LIMITED - Everything (US)

Limited (0 of 300 remaining)
per month
You will receive:
  • Our featured wallet game 
  • Our current postcard game series
  • Bonus micro game / expansion pack
  • $5 discount on all wallet games
  • Access to the PNP Dropbox
  • A t-shirt after subscribing for 3 months




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About Button Shy

Button Shy is the little guy in a big world. A small board game publisher trying to make an impact on a fast paced industry with thousands of new games a year. Without being able to compete with low prices or large print runs, Button Shy is simply just doing things it’s own way.

Join our Board Game of the Month Club and you can receive the following:

First And Foremost, A Big Thank You - For helping us continue to release cool little games that otherwise may never see the light of day.

Print And Play Games (All levels) - The Board Game of the Month Club Dropbox is updated regularly with files for the most recent games and expansions and a selection of older content. Additionally you will get access to full-color early print and play versions of some upcoming games.

Postcard Game ($5+) -For 2021 we are releasing The Final Light-Year. (Designed by Jason Greeno)

Gather your crew and gear and launch into a fringe section of space where the law teeters over the edge and a good captain can earn a living. There's no shortage of threats that endanger the goodfolk of deep space, but luckily your torpedo bay is full and lasers are hot.

In The Final Light-Year you'll play solo or cooperatively with a friend as the captain of a so-called starship, in the hope of earning some rewards and a decent rep. Using tactical maneuvering and dice-based action selection, you'll take on the sector's small, medium and large enemies trying to gain rewards and ultimately live to see another day. 

The Final Light-Year will grow throughout the year with additional content each month that can be mixed and matched to create customized episodes. These will challenge you with new sectors to explore, variable enemies and threats while offering powerful new gear and talented crew to help you in your adventures.

Extra Promos Or Microgames ($10+ levels) - Each month you will receive one of the following: A new game of up to 9 cards, one or more small expansions to existing Button Shy Games.

Expect a handful of expansions. We have new expansions coming for some of our published games like SpaceShipped, Tussie Mussie and Skulls of Sedlec. Some of the new releases will also have expansion content that will be included in your package when they are featured.

And aside from expansions there will be some new smaller games. We ran into some snags on the 9 card line because they are hard to package. We can’t seem to get 9 cards and rules into a single sleeve, and we aren’t big fans of leaving the rules outside of the sleeve. So we started looking at some other formats. We are planning some 3 card games that use dice and cubes, similar to the original Twin Stars sets and MechAge. Other than that, expect a few surprises. We’ve got an amazing design community behind the 18 card challenges that we’ve been posting, and we hope to see more great games from them.

Wallet Game ($20+ levels) - In addition to all of the content above, you will be receive a wallet game from our inventory or recent Kickstarter campaign. We offer the current featured game each month, but you have the option to choose an alternative from a list of available games if the featured game does not appeal to you.

Discounts On Our Monthly Kickstarter Wallet Games (All levels)- Supporters here get discounts from $2 to $5.  

A Member T-Shirt - You'll get a cool T-Shirt if you support at the $20+ level for long enough!

Access to the secret BGotMC channel on the Button Shy Discord. So many good people to chat with!

All supporters - payments are made on the first of the month and will fund your package for the month in which payment is made. For example, a payment on 1 January will fund your January package although Patreon will state it is your December subscription in your receipt. 
International supporters - The USPS is not our friend. Shipping on the $5 level will cost $1 extra, the $10 level will cost $2 extra. For those of you who want to support the $20 level, you will receive the packages every other month to help offset those costs.
$1,000 - reached! per month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 263 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 263 exclusive posts

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