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I will publish my artworks on patreon first - two weeks before everyone else is able to see it!


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For those of you that want to give a little more! You get all the above. Thank you so much for your extra support!
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  • + NSFW Desktop wallpapers ◦ You get 4k backgrounds of my NSFW artworks.
  • + You can get three complete previous packs of artworks of your choice per month ◦ Please see the link to all the published artworks on my profile and how it works. Thanks!

About BuzzingGirls

Hi There! Welcome to BuzzingGirls! My name ist Nicole and I am an enthused graphic designer and illustrator. I was born and raised in Germany and love to try everything new.


Who doesn't like cute girls? I liked PinUps since I can remember and I wanted to create something new and untouched. The idea of cute buzzing girls was born. And I hope you like it as much as I do.

Buzzy is a sexy bee with an open mind and hardly any shyness. If you like outgoing and energetic characters this is your girl.

Sparkle is a cute and nice firefly. She has a slightly coy character with a bit of sweet clumsyness. She will light up your day.

The little leaf beetle named Azura has a kind and bookish character and is here to mesmerize you with her purple eyes.

Beside those three original characters of mine I will upload various fanart pinups and more! These three and all the other girls are a lot of fun and they will love to take you into their world - enjoy your stay!

Why Patreon?

Because I love creating art and graphics I want to bring it to a level where I can say 'Yeah! I can make a living of it!'. Art is a fulltime job. I want to do further studies, try new things, be more free and thus more creative to get better in my field to make me and my followers and even clients more happy.

As a Patreon supporter, you can connect with my work in new ways - through exclusive content and artworks. You select the amount you're comfortable with and a corresponding reward for exclusive content. The more money I can raise each month, the more time I can make to create new content like prints, commissions, goodies and more.

What do you get & How does it work?

As a Patron you get what you choose. Decide for a tier you are comfortable with. Every tier offers different artworks and extras. In the beginning I will post 1-2 artworks a month (or more) but once I reach 500$ per month the posting-rate will increase as I am able to invest more time into Patreon. So tell your friends ;) All artworks are downloadable for your personal use.
How does it work? Choose the tier you like. When you pledge, you'll be charged immediately and then every beginning of a new month. Once you gained access to your tier of choice you can find all artworks published in the previous 3 months on my Patreon.
For Tier „Delicious Fruit“: Thank you for your extra support! You can find the full list of artworks published in the past here. You are able to get 3 full previous art packs per month if you like. Please write me a personal message here on Patreon with your wished art packs and I will send it to you. One art pack includes sketch, lineart, step by step, NSFW, HighRes, Wallpapers and PSD file (for the first artwork of the month) for one artwork of your choice. Please note that I will only provide 3 packs per month so remember to contact me with you wishes (I will not be able to provide forgotten months retroactively - thanks for your understanding).

If you look for previous releases, please visit my Gumroad.

A huge THANK YOU in advance for those that become a patron of my art. I look forward to all the exclusive content I can share with you! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask at any time  <3

- Nicole -

PS.: All shown characters are over 18 years old!
2% complete
I will be able to put more time into my BuzzingGirls Series and will work on more erotic themes and also will increase my activity level.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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