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About Charles Luttrell

We are all busy. Busy with work, kids, life in general.

Time is really important to us in our busy lives.

Hi, I’m Charles Luttrell, creator of Buzzy Bee. This was my first app and I learned a lot during the planning and creation process.

Buzzy Bee is a time saver app designed to let you know how busy places are real time so you can plan ahead.

Check in when you arrive to a location and alert the community how busy they are real time.

Buzzy Bee rewards the community for using the app. Just check in and receive a point. End of Month incentives are given to the top three users with the most check-ins.

Buzzy Bee started as a vision to help restaurants during slow times. I wanted to help acquire more customers so the restaurants could make more money during those slow times by offering specials.

Turned down by restaurants not concerned about slow times, I envisioned an idea to help the customer. That vision was Buzzy Bee. My exact words were, “If restaurants are not concerned about their slow times and making more money, then the app will help customers save time by sharing how busy they are real time.”

Customers can make a choice where to spend their time and money.

How busy can they be? So Buzzy Bee was coined and created. Buzzy Bee!

After six months of drawing, designing, hard work and dedication, my vision, Buzzy Bee, was created and live on Apple and Android.

The first year was impressive. Buzzy Bee gained over 850 users within the first month once going live on a limited budget.

But this is where I failed; Advertising and marketing. While building an app is very stressful, rewarding and fun, it is expensive.

And this is where the learning experience starts. With unforeseen expenses, the budget was depleted by the design and creation of the app. There was no budget for advertising and marketing.

So, I paused the app.

While there are several ways Buzzy Bee can make money thru advertising directly on the app, we need your help!

You see, an app is a, “Catch-22.” You need money to build it AND run it.
Expenses occur when the app is live and using data. There is a monthly fee on services such as Amazon Web Server (AWS).

So, how can you help?

Buzzy Bee would love to raise funds to help with the monthly costs of running the app as well as several exciting new updates and changes coming!

But, to do this, we need users. To get users, we need funding; Funding from advertisers and sponsors like you.

Help make Buzzy Bee live again! and receive rewards as well as recognition in a banner ad directly on the app!

All users of the app who contribute $5 or more a month will have their name placed on a banner ad.

All advertisers and sponsors who buy their spot will receive a free ad banner within the app.
Sign up today! Join the community, help make Buzzy Bee live again! 

I want to personally thank you for assisting with my dream to help everyone save time in their busy lives by utilizing and supporting the Buzzy Bee app.
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