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Bwana is a gamer, podcaster, vidcaster, blogger, and all around tech guru. He loves to utilize the best technology for the task at hand. Bwana loves to share knowledge with others using a unique approach. He combines humor with easy to understand explanations of seemingly complex technologies.


Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Hey all, thank you for stopping by my Patreon site. My name is Bwana (from and I produce techology and video game content on Youtube. I have been creating podcasts, gaming clips, and technology reviews since 2005 and I've decided to utilize Patreon to gather support from my viewers.

Although, I don't do this as my full time job, it does take its toll on my daily life. I'd love to continue making videos because it's my #1 hobby and my viewers would absolutely will kill me if I stop. (Well, not kill, but hurt badly) I see Patreon as a direct motivator for creating content. My enthusiastic users will not only support me monetarily but will also help drive content for future videos.

I thank you for stopping by my Patreon page and I hope to see you on the activity feed!
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