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About Ben Wright-Heuman

Greetings and salutations!

My name is Ben.  I'm a 2016 graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies working as a freelance cartoonist.  I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, with work spanning horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, humor, and autobio.

My current ongoing project is a comedy webcomic called CosPain.

CosPain is all about the cosplay and convention community.  It lampoons the different types of people that pursue this lifestyle, from the serious perfectionist who must make every piece as realistic as possible, to the casual participant who just throws on a cape and is satisfied, to the scandalously-garbed center-of-attention whose outfits become increasingly improbable.  It also looks at things from the perspective of peripheral non-cosplayers, including photographers, staffers, and tablers.

In addition to cosplay-related humor, mystery in particular is a passion of mine.  I love the mental acrobatics a good conundrum inspires, and the process of uncovering hidden truths in a story invigorates me.  The greatest mystery I have faced, however, is the scarcity of English-native mystery comics.  Plenty of comics incorporate some mystery elements, but where non-graphic literature, film, and video games are full of wonderful examples of cozies and whodunits, the same cannot be said for our medium.  The one exception I have found is in Japan, where mystery manga is prevalent and often exceptional.  They are proof that the mystery genre is exceptionally suited to comics, and yet this market has been largely untapped.

It is in this spirit that I published my recent graphic novel, The Letters of the Devil.  

It is a whodunit about what happens when the lies we build our lives on are revealed to the wrong people.  Follow Detective Cedric Dustin as he pursues the answers behind the mysterious letters from L, who has been revealing secrets never meant to be revealed and destroying lives in the process.

In general, I try to work on several projects at once: one big project, and a smattering of smaller projects.  I have numerous comics posted at my website,, and physical copies can be purchased from my store.  Digital copies of many of my minicomics are available on comiXology and Gumroad

All of my Patrons get access to behind-the-scenes posts about my current and upcoming projects.  My $3+ Patrons also get to see my webcomic pages a day in advance of everybody else, and in higher resolution than on my website.  As more people show interest in my work, I will start introducing additional tiers.
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