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About bybyblue

I am a self taught 2D Artist/Animator, Pixel Artist, and Programmer just trying to make cool stuff. I love all things Jet Set Radio, and pretty much anything with a similar aesthetic!. I'm usually busy working on my current project Project Fantasy, but I occasionally create fan art, and other small projects as well.

 What is Project Fantasy? 

Project Fantasy
is a LowRez platform fighter with an emphasis on fast paced weapon combat mixed with elemental powers and very unique character gimmicks.  This small game started out as an entry for a LowRez GameJam but I was unable to finish in time for the deadline.  After some feedback, we decided to continue with development and turn it into a full fledged game.

 What's the Goal? 

The current goal is for us to have a nearly complete game a year from now  (So by June 2020).  The game will have 20+ Characters, 25+ Stages (not including variants), 1v1 online matchmaking, and a Story Mode.  

Additionally, In my spare time I like to make really jank party games for me and my friends, and I want to start sharing them around. Supporting me on Patreon will grant you access to some of these games as I  create them.  Just don't expect these smaller experiments to be polished lol

I'm usually pretty awkward, but I appreciate all who support  (  ̄▽ ̄)ノ THANK YOU!
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$30 of $100 per month
If we reach this.  Once a month one of the Artists on the Team will create unique art for a revealed character from the game that will be decided on via a poll.
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