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"a path of sounds that reveals sensations and imaginary places, interior and exterior, living beings and a variety of planet earth elements. the byrd sno project aims to offer new sensations and provide mental and visual journeys through sounds produced with multiple instruments and voice effects, which can be quickly replaced by different sounds, lights and places, created by each listener's mind. thus, in each track, begins an almost eternal path that can begin in melancholy, where the heart can explode, rays of light can cross the chest and illuminate a dark night that extends. but the heart can implode safely and a smile can be born on the face, resulting in a whole, here and now, present in a single expression. this might be followed by a fall, where the abyss is prepared and the arms open. you walk forward and breathe. you close your eyes and you can see yourself, feel the warmth of your hands and the slow beating of your heart. the infinite presents itself and you can surrender, taking a last step and trusting in the perfection of existence. it is not the end, cause in the end, we can feel that we are the existence that in the infinite creates the fall into the abyss, where through the music we reveal ourselves as we are."

I'm Nuno and I really would like to start performing my music so I can share it live with the world.
Another goal is to meet more artists, especially from other art forms, that maybe want to work with me and built new artistic concepts as well as different kinds of performances and shows.
This is a recent project so I'm still working on plattforms like Facebook and YouTube, but I have some of my work on SoundCloud.
Unfortunately, I don't have the proper conditions to record or to work on image and video and it is very important to have good quality material for sending it to all kinds of event organizers and also to share it on online platforms. This could be the way to start the live concerts/performances.
If you like my work and if you want to help me growing as an artist, you can support me. That will help me update to new material which will allow me to produce in a better, efficient, quicker and more regular way.

I thank you in advance!

$0 of $600 per month
When I reach $600 per month, I'm gonna make a song with a patron's choise theme and name it after him/her. One patron per month.
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