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About Byron

In 2010 at the insistence of a friend I went to Nepal to volunteer with an NGO for the first time. This wasn't voluntourism, the NGO, The Nepal Community Development Foundation, has been working on community health, sanitation and clean water initiatives in Nepal for over 20 years. 

While I say the positive effects of NGO programs for the communities in question, I also saw rates of project failure and that initiatives weren't necessarily sustainable and subject to failure. I started to ask why; what were the contributing factors?

In 2010 I didn't have the tools and experience to ask the right questions. I spent the next six years working to equip myself to work on the problems I thought I was seeing; I went back to university, changed my undergraduate focus and went on to complete a masters degree in social science.

The experience was transformative. During my research work I developed a comprehensive survey that focused on the outcomes of project state. My current efforts are focused on expanding the survey sites and running the survey more often; twice a year being the goal. 

This is a much larger effort that it seems. The region is hilly, the roads are rough or non-existent, logistics, just getting around takes a lot of effort. I hire students from the local college in Ilam as field workers and pay them a per diem and provide meals. To date I've funded this myself, but with the expansion of the survey work I'm asking for help in keeping the work going. 

I use my photography to both raise awareness of the issues surrounding community health and development and to fund my work. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

If you'd like to read my previous research work you can access it here:

Thank you for your support.


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When I reach a stable amount of at least $500 per month I will be able to hire survey workers in Namsaling and run the survey every six months.
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