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About C. Olson

Welcome to the Patreon campaign for Bytes and Flights, a new retro computing and aviation themed podcast!  My name is Chris Olson, and I was introduced to computers at an early age.  I started with Atari in the late 1970's, moved to Apple and then to MS-DOS and IBM PC's.  I took my first flying lesson at 18 and couldn't wait to schedule the next one.  I'm passionate about both of these subject and eager to discuss them, via the podcast, on a recurring basis.

What topics will be covered?

Bytes and Flights is, at its core, a Retro Computing podcast with a healthy dose of aviation for good measure.

On the Retro Computing side, I'll cover products that really made a lasting impression but weren't as popular or well-known.  Less "Space Invaders" and more "In Search of the Most Amazing Thing."  Large multi-platform topics like Bulletin Board Systems, graphics and sound hardware, early programming languages, and, of course, Flight Simulators!

As for Aviation, I'll take the same approach, covering meaningful experiences, firsts, and favorite stories.  I fly for a living, and I'll definitely search for opportunities to tie computing and aviation together in an interesting way. 

Here's to many episodes of Bytes and Flights!  Thanks for visiting my Patreon page, and I deeply appreciate your support. 

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