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The city is a wasteland. A corrupt government runs the show and citizens suffer from crime, shortages, and rolling power cuts. The electric blue lights of the surveillance cyborgs known as The Watchers constantly bathe the city, feeding an AI known as The EYE, and all the while reminding citizens that privacy is only a myth.

And - as if that wasn’t bad enough - in what many suspect to be government medical experiments gone wrong, the dead have recently started returning to life.

In this corrupt, crime filled, Zombie plagued surveillance state hope has only been a fantasy - until now. Rumours are spreading. Rumours of a mysterious figure who has arrived to bring justice to those who need it, and punishment to those who deserve it. A vigilante zombie hunting anarchist with a penchant for leather and a taste for cheap vodka. He lives outside the law and exists only in the shadows. No one has seen his face, no one can confirm his identity.

He is known only as BZZRKR.
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