Kinda Funny runs their business on Patreon

Patreon allows gaming creators like you to get paid by running a membership platform for your fans. Offer exclusive experiences to your devoted audience and create a meaningful revenue stream.

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Noclip is creating Video Game Documentaries

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4,443 patrons
$21,667.18 per month

I expected Patreon to be a parachute, but in my experience its been a rocket strapped to my back. It’s as much a platform to communicate art, as it is a platform to manage funds.

What's Good Games is creating video game podcasts & videos.

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1,096 patrons

More funding means more time to dedicate to new streams, interviews, events and more, on top of the weekly podcast.

Bay 12 Games is creating Dwarf Fortress and other video games

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1,897 patrons
$5,591.19 per month

Patreon has been providing one half to two thirds of our income every month this year, and that allows us to keep making video games without having to worry much about specific methods.

Easy Allies is creating Video Game Streams and Shows

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6,058 patrons
$41,366.74 per month

Patreon has not only given us the financial stability to continue doing what we love, but also provided us with ways to get closer to our audience than ever before.

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