Patreon for gaming creators

Build a troll-free space for your community to come together over their shared love of what you do, all while earning a sustainable income.

Why should gaming creators use membership?

Predictable & sustainable revenue
Monthly pledges means you know exactly what you're getting paid each month.
Grow your community
Reinvest funds to grow your community in a sustainable way.
Eliminate trolls & noise
Focus your time and energy on the members that add value to your community. Cut out the rest.

Top features for gaming creators

Exclusive forums
Gate access to specific sections of your forum by tier via the Discord integration.
Community & messaging
Tools to message and engage with your members.
Member-only livestreams
Host exclusive livestreams with your members and supporters.

Notable gaming creators on Patreon

Not Another D&D Podcast
The Glass Cannon
American McGee
What's Good Games
Rebecca Cordingley
Tarn & Zach, Bay 12 Games
Video game creators

"Our patrons support us because they want us to keep releasing our video game. We just offer a single level of support and patrons can choose the amount. This works great for us."

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