Patreon for local businesses

Create a space where your business can reach a whole new community, and where those who love what you do can connect with you and each other on a deeper level, all while developing a sustainable income stream.
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For venues and local businesses affected by Covid-19

This is a challenging and uncertain time for venues and local businesses everywhere.

Music venues, studios, mom and pop shops, and more all are integral to the heart and soul of our neighborhoods; Patreon can help.

Why should venues and local businesses use Patreon?

Predictable & sustainable revenue
While gift cards are great, monthly pledges means you know exactly what you’re getting paid each month.
Connect with your most loyal supporters
Your customers want to support you through these tough times. Use Patreon to identify and connect directly with your biggest supporters.
Meet your community online
Patreon helps you meet your customers where they are. Email lists, live-streamed events, discount codes, and more help you bring your in-person activities online.

What can I offer my community on Patreon?

Members-only newsletters
Create private newsletters for your paying members with content that keeps them interested, entertained, and engaged with your business and brand.
Offer live-streamed workshops, masterclasses with in-house experts, or tickets to future in-person events.
Store credit, discounts, merch
Easily see how much a member has contributed over time, and offer store credit or discount codes that can be used in-person at a later date. Also consider offering merch.

Venues and local businesses using Patreon

Nowadays is a club venue in Brooklyn, NYC offering broadcast workshops, panels, DJ sets, and more.
DNA Lounge
DNA Lounge is a live events venue in San Francisco, offering credits towards free admission, drinks, and more, all at a future date.
Le Poisson Rouge is a music venue and multimedia art cabaret in NYC offering benefits geared towards their re-opening in the future, as well as archive event footage.

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