Patreon for musicians

Deepen your relationship with your most engaged fans, test and share new work in a supportive environment, and establish a reliable, recurring income stream to fuel your creativity.

Why should musicians use membership?

Predictable & sustainable revenue
Monthly pledges means you know exactly what you're getting paid each month.
Retain full control
Still want to run ads, do brand deals, or work with sponsors? Cool with us!
Your music, your schedule
Posting tracks weekly? Waiting to release an album? No matter what, you call the shots.

Popular features for musicians

Gated content
Offer access to your unreleased music libraries or early access to new albums.
Manage benefits & merch
Easily track and fulfill membership benefits quickly.
Direct fan engagement
Tools to message and engage with your members directly.

Notable musicians on Patreon

Ben Folds
Alissa White-Gluz
Look Mum No Computer
Amanda Palmer
Scary Pockets
Jacob Collier
Ben Folds

"Like all recording artists, I've kept my eye on what creative tools the internet might afford. Patreon is unique; it's a platform that interests me. I've spent an entire career traveling, coming to your towns to play music. Now I'm inviting you to my place."

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