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Why should educators and tutorial creators use membership?

Predictable & sustainable revenue
Monthly pledges means you know exactly what you're getting paid each month.
Be independent
Live in a world not reliant on ads or paid sponsorships to keep your business running.
Know your community
You own the relationship with your members and get access to them directly. We don't stand in the way.

Top features for educators and tutorial creators

Gated content
Easily distribute exclusive and early-access videos with your members.
Limited-time offers
Easily run limited-time offers for your new show series, member-only merch, unreleased content.
Member-only livestreams
Host exclusive livestreams with your biggest fans.

Notable education & tutorial creators on Patreon

Christine McConnell
The Ukulele Teacher
Rob Swift
Platinum Perfection
Mitch Leeuwe
Data School

Resources for educators

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