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Wait But Why is creating high-quality blog posts

3,551 patrons

It’s been a total game-changer. Patreon now supports both me and our new, full-time manager of Lots Of Things. We’d be happy to keep doing things exactly how we’re doing them for a long time, and now we can.

Knitty is creating a Knitting Magazine

2,929 patrons

To go from being scared your company is in the toilet to feeling confident about the future in 36 hours is still surreal. I’m trying to process what all this means.

Stant Litore is creating SciFi, Tyrannosaurs, and Time Travel

145 patrons
$1,166.93 per month

Patreon means more freedom and it means more time to do what you truly love – and, in fact, what your fans most want you to spend time doing!

Jim Sterling is creating The Jimquisition

6,882 patrons
$13,028.23 per month

Patreon, at least from my experience, means a place where artists and creators can be themselves. It’s a new way out for those who don’t do things the way they’re ‘supposed’ to be done.

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