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Welcome to the club! With this Tier you'll get access to the cEvolutions Discord channel where we discuss all things cEDH as well as content ideas. 

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Hello there!
I'm Pathrogas and I create Youtube videos for Magic: the Gathering, primarily focused on competetive EDH (aka competetive Commander). In this format we play with the strongest cards and the intent to win every game. It's a way to scratch that competetive itch while staying within the limits of the Commander format. 

What you can expect are:
  • Weekly gameplay videos! These practice games are played by members of the cEDH Discord. They are edited for clarity and a faster pace, and are commentated by yours truly.
  • cRank It Up - A monthly(ish) series of cut together ranked games played by myself with the same deck, tracking my journey to become a better deckbuilder and player. 

I also love to brew and work on new builds or completely new decks, so here and there I'll be posting deck techs on those brews and probably give them a test run in cRank It Up to see if they hold up.

The goal of this patreon is to financially support me enough to keep creating the content I'm already creating, and to allow me to expand my repertoire, so to speak. Some of the goals I've got in mind can be found under... well, goals. 
$0 of $350 per month
If we meet this goal I'll get a monthly patron EDH stream going where YOU can wow us with your sick plays and show off your sweet brews! The games can happen via Cockatrice or Webcam, and the money will secure better internet, a proper webcam setup, and other things to ensure a smooth streaming experience.
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