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About Marcus Morgan

CaBiRet is a bisexual cabaret night performed by members of the bisexual community in London, UK. It bills itself as "an evening of the bisexual variety", currently runs twice a year (we're hoping your help will change that) and was created in 2016 by long-time bisexual activist Marcus Morgan. It's a unique chance for bisexual people to see acts drawn from the community, tackling themes that address their own lives and struggles.

We've had poets, comedians, musicians, spoken-word readings, and the host is also a magician. And all of them put their bisexuality at the heart of their work on our stage.

WAIT? BISEXUAL? IS THIS A KINKY THING?, no. Why would you? Uh, okay. Bisexuality is often misunderstood - it's not about sex. The definition most of the UK bi community uses is the Bisexual Index Definition: "bisexuality is attraction to more than one gender".

The evening is not a sex performance.

No, capital letters. It is not. That said, ahem, it is likely that some of the performance will be frankly discussing sexuality. And the language is certainly adult at times. See, we're not just celebrating how great it is to be bisexual - some of the time we're venting our bi-furious sides too!

CaBiRet was set up to run for no profit. It's a free event. We have a collection each time which is split between bisexual community causes, but none of the money raised is used for producing the event. Costs like advertising and materials for the night were initially covered by Marcus. And the acts were not being paid to perform.

That's a bad idea though. People should be paid for their time, effort, rehearsal, travel, costumes, props, and so on. If one of our performers had to drop out we'd have struggled to find a replacement short notice as we couldn't even have afforded to pay bus fare.

  • We want to keep the evening free to attend.
  • We want 100% of the collection to go to the community.
  • So we need backers to pay the performers.
  • We want to stop Marcus having to decide against advertising because they can't afford it from their own pocket.

Currently we run between two and three shows per year. If we ask for 'per show' that means you could pledge now, feeling flush, and not see any deduction for up to six months. Who knows how affordable that'd be when the show rolled around?

And what if we *whisper it* went to 4x, or more? Or wanted to start streaming the evening online?

A monthly pledge allows us to keep a better track of our predicted income, reduces bounced payments, and lets you keep on top of how much you're helping us. Move your pledge up or down, that's cool too.

And come to CaBiRet, it's free!

We're excited to announce we're back on September 26th! Curtain up is 7pm at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, and you can meet fellow bisexualists beforehand eating the pub's legendary pizzas if you are early.

Do come early and eat pizza. We don't bite. Unless you're pizza.

Everyone who backed us in the time since the last show gets listed on the Patreon poster at our shows, regardless of amount pledged. As the amount you can contribute grows, so does our thanks and your rewards. Membership cards, input into the shows, discounted merch, and even shout-outs from on stage!

We haven't finished deciding what all the rewards will be, this is a new area for us. Once you've pledged you can join in the discussion to shape what we offer. We're listening.

No, thank you - for reading this far. If you've not previously encountered the bisexual community then please check out these websites:
The Bisexual Index
Bi Pride UK
Biscuit - bisexual women's magazine
Bi's Of Colour group
BiCon, the UK national bisexual conference / convention
Bi Community News - our national newsletter
57% complete
Four Acts Paid Twice!
When we hit this goal we'll be able to pay for four acts a reasonable fee per CaBiRet (assuming we run 2x per year) to perform and spread our message of bisexual community spirit. If we have more than 4 performers then we'll split the pot between them all, but everyone on stage is getting paid except the compere, who would still be performing free. Other than the $5 in the first goal, there's no money for admin or advertising.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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