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-access to art wips/sketches

-see what i post before anyone else

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you get everything from the previous reward but more!

-once a month you get lineart to practice colouring on (you can post it but please credit the line art to me thanks!)

-you can request a sketch of a canon character once a month (but you need to tell me the name of the game/show they are from) and you can line and colour it if you wish (but again credit me for the sketch)

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all previous rewards plusssss

-flat colour chibi of either a canon character, your oc or of you!


-cell shaded icon of either a canon character, your oc or of you!

-my soul belongs to you 👁️👄👁️




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About cactea

hi thanks for visiting my patreon profile please consider supporting me! id greatly appreciate it.
the support would go towards bills and other necessities.
im trying to see if i can make enough money to not have to work alot or at all as i need to take care of my mother as she recently had a heart attack.'

note that there will be more rewards once i finally start my comic and start making videos (speed paints and other artist videos)

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