Cadell Last is creating philosophy for the 21st century


$1 /mo
Welcome to becoming a part of my philosophy journey.  The fact that you are open to contributing to me growing this project for future generations of knowledge means the world to me.

Coffee friends

$5 /mo
I fuel my productivity with coffee, coffee, and more coffee.  If you contribute on this tier you will be ensuring I have the fuel I need everyday to continue making great content. 

Future screens / reflections

$10 /mo
I am always trying to stay ahead of my video production and that means I have lots of content that exists well before it is released.  I will try to release 1 or 2 "future screens" per week to give...

Content influence

$25 /mo
I want to build a core of subscribers who benefit from this work and have an influence on its future direction.  Here I will start to create polls for engaged subscribers to help me improve this wo...

Research output

$50 /mo
I am also a dedicated philosophical researcher who is producing content for specialized professional audiences in the academic journal publishing world.  I want to share this work with you so that ...

1 on 1

$75 /mo
I want to start making sure that my philosophy is capable of helping people for practical psychological, social and transcendental purposes.  Towards this end I want to offer 1 hour 1 on 1 Skype se...

development core

$100 /mo
I want to build this channel into a philosophical resource for future generations that brings the greatest and richest books to a broader audience.  If you contribute on this level you would be the...


$500 /mo
Nothing to say here.