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About Cadenza Heartsong

Hello, I'm Cadenza Heartsong!

 I'm incredibly passionate about MLP and enjoy composing musical themes in an RPG-influenced style for various locations throughout Equestria.

First off, please allow me to thank you for giving my music a listen.  It truly means the world to me that I'm able to share something that I can pour my heart, soul, and love into.  Music is a wonderful, powerful, magical thing that we can all enjoy and brings us all together.  It is my wish to spread a little more love, joy, kindness, and warmth in this otherwise weary world.  For if we can put a smile on someone's face, then we've made the world a brighter place!

I've been interested in music my entire life.  I learned to play the piano when I was young, but it was the music from video games that ignited my interest in arrangement and composition.  I've only recently begun working with orchestral compositions.  Though my sounds might leave something to be desired, I've striven to improve my skills with each new piece and I fill my songs with every ounce of passion I'm capable of.  It is my sincerest hope that you feel this passion and allow it to take you on a journey, hearkening back to the days of old.

Due to the busyness of life in general, I am unfortunately rather slow when it comes to creating music.  As such, I fear there isn't much I am able to do for potential Patrons in terms of rewarding support.  Pledging is purely optional, but should you choose to do so, you are amazing and I thank you muchly!

I love bringing these melodies to life, and I do hope you'll join and walk with me on this journey of discovery and self-improvement.

May you always walk with a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and a song in your heart!

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If I am able to reach $100 per month, I'll be able to more easily work towards upgrading my system and improve the quality of my sounds with better hardware and higher-grade instruments.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
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