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About Caetani Cultural Centre

EDITED TO ADD: December 17, 2019: We're absolutely delighted to announce that our 2019 fundraising efforts on this platform have brought in enough $$ to offer a one-month funded residency in the Fogliano Room during November of 2020. Learn more and apply here.
We are also putting our fundraising efforts on pause for the next while - but if you'd simply like to donate $$ to support our artist in residence program, we won't turn your support down!

Hi there. We're the team at the Caetani Cultural Centre and we're inviting you to become a patron of the arts.

That woman up there in the profile picture - Sveva Caetani - she's the reason we exist.

And the reason the daughter of an Italian aristocrat sparked the creation of our organization in a small town in Canada is a wild, weird and wonderful story involving nobility, bear hunting on Syilx First Nations Territory (near Vernon in the Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada) fascism and the fine arts.

Growing up in Vernon, Sveva's story was one of extreme wealth and privilege as well as extreme isolation - after moving to Canada, they lost almost their entire fortune in the stock market crash of 1929 and then, in 1934, at the age of 17, Sveva's father died.

Her mother pulled her out of private school in Vancouver, brought her back to the small town of Vernon, and contrived to keep her secluded and isolated, virtually a prisoner, in their white house on the hill.

Upon her mother's death when Sveva was 42 years old, Sveva was left with her home, but with almost no money.

With her new freedom and the necessity of earning a living, she entered into the community, made friends, became a French then an Art teacher in the local school system, and remained committed to her own painting practice until her death.

** This 5 minute video will give you a feel for Sveva's life and story as well as a feel for the Caetani Cultural Centre. **

At this point you might be wondering what Sveva Caetani's story has to do with our Caetani Cultural Centre and this Patreon page...

Well, when Sveva passed away in 1994 she bequeathed her house and grounds to the City of Vernon, with the express wish that they be utilized for the benefit of the local residents and in service of artistic pursuits, including an artist in residence program.

We, the Caetani Cultural Centre, fulfill this vision, in part, by offering Artist in Residence programs out of her stunning historic heritage house. We believe that by offering artists time and space to deepen into their creative practice, away from the distractions of everyday life, everyone benefits.

Artists, while they live and create in the vibrant Caetani house and grounds, get a chance to connect with the local arts and cultural community here in the North Okanagan of BC, Canada and experience our unique area. Local community members likewise get to interact and learn from the artists as well.

Our intention for this Patreon is to raise funds to make our Artist in Residence programs fully funded, so that the programs are accessible to as many diverse kinds of artists as possible, and as financially stress-free as possible (because many artists, even ones considered successful, work hard, juggle many jobs and are still often living on or under the poverty line in Canada.)

An Artist in Residence experience is often pivotal for the creative growth of an artist, sometimes career changing, and is an experience many artists dream about, plan for and save up for years at a time.

Our intention for this Patreon fundraiser is also to build community and to share connection with our artists - by becoming a supporting member of the Caetani Cultural Centre on this Patreon page you'll get exclusive access to artist interviews, insights into the creative process, and any other little goodies the artists themselves wish to share. 

Here is a quick overview of our Artist in Residence programs:

  • We have 4 different Residencies available for use year-round on the second floor of Sveva's history heritage house, in the form of two Artist in Residence Suites. 
  • Three of the Residencies are housed in the first suite, which has 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. It's available to individual artists (in the Caetani, Sermoneta and Fogliano rooms). It shares an entryway and library on the mainfloor with a bathroom, kitchen and living room on the second floor. 
  • The Teano Suite is available, and most suitable to, artists that for various reasons want/need to travel with family/support/children - such as solo parents traveling and creating with children/caregivers, etc. It's a self-contained 1.5 bedroom suite with queen sized bed, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and writing nook that can be easily converted to a second bedroom.
  • We also reserve three of our private art studios (there are seven total) for use by the artists-in-residence.

As you can see in the goals section, we would like to be able to offer all of the residencies as fully funded artist residencies, including a modest honorarium per artist to help defray travel and living expenses while here.

We know it's possible, with your help!

Thank you so much for being here and literally becoming a patron of the arts.

The Caetani Cultural Centre team
~registered non-profit society and Canadian charitable organization~

If you would rather make a one-time donation, you can do so at by clicking here.

Please note when you choose your donation level: Patreon only charges in USD.
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We can offer a one month funded Artist in Residence experience in the Fogliano Room per year. This includes use of an art studio and a $500 Canadian honourarium at the end of their stay.
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