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About cafe-alpha

Hello there ! I'm cafe-alpha, the dude behind Pseudo Saturn Kai, which is a soft mod for Saturn cartridges. If you're playing CD-R copies of your Saturn games, you probably already heard about me :)

For several years until now, my goal for Pseudo Saturn Kai was to provide an affordable and non-invasive mod to play Saturn games.
I consider this goal being complete but there are still some "side quests" remaining :

- Improve support for Optical Disc Emulators
- Add in-game save data support for Satiator Optical Disc Emulator
- Add backup memory storage feature for Action Replay cartridges

Those side quests are not of the top of my priorities, but similarly to Pseudo Saturn Kai, I don't think there are a lot of other developers motivated to complete them !

So this time I would like to request some support from Saturn community : if enough people support this project it would then make sense for me to invest time into it and contribute again to a better Saturn community.

** Disclaimer **
1. This projects supports the development of a firmware to install on Saturn cartridges.
It doesn't supports the cartridges themselves and consequently doesn't provides hardware or technical support for defective cartridges.
2. Please install Pseudo Saturn Kai at your own risk. I do my best to make firmware installation being as safe as possible but am not responsible to any damage that may happen to your cartridge, your Saturn or anything else.
3. Integration of Optical Disc Emulators may not be possible when an proper interfacing and documentation is not available on ODE side, or if the ODE is not compatible with Saturn cartridge.
So far I could add support for Rhea and Phoebe ODEs with relatively good results, but it may not be possible if other ODEs are not providing appropriate technical support or documentation.
4. Improving Pseudo Saturn Kai game compatibility is out of the scope of this project.
The simple reason about that is because I can't guarantee to find a better CD-R boot exploit than existing one, sorry !
5. My (scarce) free time is shared between this project and other ones around Saturn but not always. The more this project is supported the more weight is put on it.

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