Chiefy is creating a new webcomic

Real Person

$1 /mo
For the modest amount of $1 a month you will be known as a real person, an individual seeking your own best path. At this level you are entitled to append the letters RP to your name. Make your voi...

Free Living Organism

$3 /mo
A support level of $3 a month establishes you as a truly free organism, no parasitic feeder off the ideas of your family, religious group, or society in general, and you are entitled to append the ...


$9 /mo
On committing $9 per month you are officially known (to me at least) as a character, uniquely representing rationality, tolerance, and humor. Maybe you will get a badge or something. I'm working on...

Participating Character

$27 /mo
At this level you may send me a simple photo or drawing, and I will attempt to transform you into a character in Free Living Organisms, to appear in at least one episode. I haven't worked out all t...