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The Patreon page of Caffe Lena is designed for two purposes: the first is to maintain an avenue for fans to contribute to performers during a live streamed show, and the second is to support the expansion of Caffe Lena's online offerings in the form of live recorded music videos, archived live streams, and historical and educational content. As a supporter of Caffe Lena's Patreon page, you will get early access to the Late Night Sessions videos, as well as exclusive content from the full Caffe Lena archives and interviews with visiting artists. We believe in creating ways to make music accessible without sacrificing the ability of artists to be paid fairly for their work, and by contributing to this page you are helping us achieve that goal. 

Caffè Lena offers extraordinary music in an intimate venue steeped in history. It has been in continuous operation longer than any other folk club in the USA. First opened in 1960 in Saratoga Springs NY, the Caffè's early years were entwined with the social movements of that era. Emerging artists such as Bob Dylan, The Freedom Singers, Arlo Guthrie, Emmylou Harris and Don McLean took their turn on the stage, alongside esteemed veterans such as Clarence Ashley, Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James and Pete Seeger. The venue has been called “An American Treasure” by the Library of Congress, and has received recognition from the GRAMMY Foundation for it’s contribution to American music.

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