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Hello! I'm Caitlin Blaine, an illustrator and comic artist from Southwest Missouri and have been creating art and stories since childhood. I graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (emphasis in drawing) and later had the opportunity to work for Black Lantern Studios, Inc. to help create 2D assets for Nintendo DS games.

My current project is Moxie, which has been a personal project for me for the greater part of a decade! The characters have been with me since high school and its been a dream of mine to bring them to life in comic-form.  I'm super excited to share my story with the world and hope that readers fall in love with the characters and story as much as I have!  It can be read at

When I'm not busy working on Moxie, I love to spend time with my awesome husband (assistant editor/comic flatter) and our small herd of furbabies. If I don't have a stylus in my hand, I'm most likely watching Netflix, improving my SR score on Overwatch, or enjoying a nap. I love the color teal, hot cups of chai tea, cats, and am a firm believer in the oxford comma!

A young naïve noblewoman leaves home to find her brother, but in order to be reunited, she must first save the world by teaming up with a rag-tag group of friends and learn how to use a lost arcane magic.

Moxie is a fantasy adventure story about finding courage in unlikely places, becoming the person you were meant to be, and facing perilous dangers with the help of loyal friends.

Moxie is a PG-13 rated comic. It includes some adult language and suggestive themes that may not be suitable for younger readers. It currently updates once a week on Mondays.

If you are contemplating becoming a patron of my art, I want to first sincerely say thank you! Becoming a patron will allow you to choose the monetary amount you wish to support me with so that I can continue to work on Moxie. No amount is too little or too small! Regardless of support, Moxie will always be free to read at

Becoming a patron will also allow you to receive a variety of cool rewards. There are a total of 5 tiers to choose from! Some of the rewards are works in progress shots, early postings of future pages, interactive live streams, quarterly wallpapers, and even personal commissions! You will also have access to exclusive Patreon feed, which will include behind the scenes and most likely pictures of my cats (aka art directors.)
Please be aware that Patreon is unlike Kickstarter or other forms of crowd sourcing. The tier you choose will be a reoccurring payment each month. You are welcome to cancel your patronage or even increase it at any time.

Can't afford to give every month but still want to support me? No problem, I also take one-time tip donations through Paypal.

Can't support monetarily? That's okay too! Just simply sharing my work with others via social media or participating in discussion on the website are free ways to support my work!

While I will always be thankful for whatever monetary support I receive, I do have some goals I'm striving for!

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This would allow me to store and back-up all my comic page files on Google Drive for a year. This way if something happens to my computer, they won't be lost!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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