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3) Strong Theological Opinions With Practical Uses (ie, my thoughts on how various types of witchcraft and magic work the way they do)
4) Snark, because it's me.


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ALL THAT PLUS...Every month, you'll get a one-card Tarot reading from me.  The tier name is something I used to say about the expectations that my Underground Atlanta Tarot clients used to have of me..."They want the goddamn Oracle at Delphi for five bucks."


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About Sara Amis

Hi there.  This Patreon blog is to some extent a continuation of my Patheos blog A Word to the Witch, and as such is mainly focused on Pagan and witchy topics such as southern folk magic, spoken charms, traditional witchcraft, sorcery of the ancient Mediterranean, and...what not.  I am fully capable of taking off in almost any direction, though, so brace yourselves.

I thought it might be helpful to link to places around the web and in print where you can find my writing, other than my former blog which is linked above.

[List is incomplete]

Patheos Pagan Portal
I was a contributor to A Sense of Place, Agora, and PANTHEON before I had a featured blog.  I also wrote A Matter of Ir/reverence, which was my response to someone complaining about how irreverent and "impious" I was.

Free Feri has some of my thoughts about plagiarism in the Feri Tradition, and exploitation of Pagan writers in general.  All of the posts by Sarsen are me. 

I also contributed to No Unsacred Place, but all of my blog posts from there were imported to A Word to the Witch.

Pagan Anthologies

Datura: Explorations in esoteric poesis ed. Ruby Sara, Scarlet Imprint 2011 (There's also a Kindle edition on Amazon, apparently).
Godless Paganism, Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans ed John Halstead
Lilith, Queen of the Desert, ed Anya Kless
A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven, ed Jen McConnel
Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes, ed Wendy Griffin

My work appears occasionally in Witches and Pagans Magazine, including a reprint of the article from the Sacred Lands anthology. 

“The Witch's Egg,” Cicada, March/April 2016 issue
"Wide Open Spaces," Luna Station Quarterly
"God of the Marching Teddy Bears" The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
"East Tennessee" and "Watermelons by Night" The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
"Sisyphus Explains" The Dr. T.J. Eckleberg Review
“Star Woman Falls to Earth,” Magpie Magazine #2 , Autumn 2006 (UK), Witch Eye #11, Spring/Summer 2005.

Creative Nonfiction
“Clouds and Jupiter,”

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That's my car payment.  If I can earn that much through my Patreon by writing, it's a symbol that I can make this thing GO.
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