Jam is creating a community of trying best!

Care Coven

$1 /mo
Self-care (and caring for others) is something I feel very strongly about! I have a lot of resources, tips, thoughts, and affirmations to share and spread the care!

[Note: all pledges receive Ca...


The Fool - Ranger Danger

$3 /mo
Photos, stories, miscellaneous reflections on the glorious tuft-chested massive-noggined felty-eared goofy-smiled fancy-pants Sir Ranger Danger.

The Sun

$4.20 /mo
Blaze It. Or wait. Should this tier be High Priestess? Frick.

Tarot Reading - Single Card Spread

$10 /mo
Each month you can send me a question (I'll provide guidelines) or I can pull you a "card of the month." I'll draw and explain a tarot card to help with reflection and perspective on the issue or c...

Page of Cups

$13 /mo
Beyond general updates, these pledges will receive a printed piece of creative writing or art (poetry, essay, etc.) every month.

Ace of Cups

$33 /mo
Each month you’ll get a bit of art: maybe a sketch, origami fold, handletter quote, watercolor, photo print. [Rewards shipped quarterly]

Tarot Reading - Celtic Cross Spread (10-card)

$99 /mo
Every month I'll draw a 10-card spread and summarize the valuable insights that the tarot can provide.

[Non-magical variant: we can chat charity, projects, games via email or skype call]