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Hi, my name is Calamity Jon Morris. I’m a writer and artist and, for the last twenty years, I’ve been making things and putting them out there on the internet for no particular reason. Perhaps I like you, and was trying to get your attention. Who knows. **sly wink**

You may know me from my books (THE LEAGUE OF REGRETTABLE SUPERHEROES, and its two sequels), or from the Halloween anthology series BOO:HALLOWEEN STORIES, or from my Columbo-themed podcast JUST ONE MORE THING, or from my blogs GONE&FORGOTTEN and THE CHRONOLOGICAL SUPERMAN, or from my Ignatz-nominated webcomic JEREMY … or from the dozens of other products of my wholly unrelenting online presence.

My point is that I like to make things. I would like to make more things, and I could use your help. To keep making things at the pace and in the volume I do, I’ll need to change some things about how I “make …”

What will come out of all of this “making”? Well, here’s my projected content:
“Gone & Forgotten” is my long-running comics blog covering the medium’s most obscure and absurd. The history of comics is packed with characters and creators who never received their appropriate props at time of publication. I feel a responsibility, as someone who can see the appeal of these weird-o outliers, to elevate them back into the public eye. For twenty years, “Gone & Forgotten” has been a facetious tour of comics history. Moving forward, I want “Gone & Forgotten” to be a real resource for content and context on comics’ least-celebrated creations.

This means more comprehensive research, and more robust articles -- including, I hope, the occasional interview or expert contribution.

The Chronological Superman” is my comprehensive review of Superman in all media, year-by-year. I plan to move that under the umbrella of “Gone & Forgotten.” “TCS” will also benefit from the more in-depth research.

What’s the cash for? 
  • Research material: These dumb ol’ comics co$t! Reference books can also be also be a bit pricey, especially because I can stray somewhat far afield from my topic in some of my articles. There, I admitted it, now we can move on.
  • Editorial assistance: I learned a lot working with an editor on my books. Namely, I learned that I benefit from having an editor. Additionally, I’d love the liberty of reaching out for assistance with proof-reading, fact-checking, administration and design.
  • A podcast? As creators age, it’s essential that their voices are captured. I’ve been considering a G&F Podcast, interviewing lesser-covered creators and discussing underrated creations. I’d want to reach out for professional assistance with this as well, particularly with editing.
  • Pitch Development: I obviously would like to write more books on these topics. I’m developing pitches on a number of themes which I think would be fascinating, including “Quarter-Bin Heroes” (a thoughtful catalog on the lesser luminaries of the 1980s indepedent boom), “I’ll Moider the Bum” (a survey of boxing and wrestling in the comics, including their influence on costumed superheroes), and “How (And Why) To Collect Weird Comics” (a passion project and possibly my magnum opus), plus others. I’m also developing pitches for biographies of cartoonists such as Charles Voight and more!


In addition to writing about weird comics, I have been playing low-key comics archaeologist and unearthing the work of Gus Arriola. A highly-regarded cartoonist in his day with his popular strip “ Gordo,” he’s not particularly well-known to modern audiences and strip connoisseurs. More to the point, he’s nowhere near as celebrated as he deserves. In his day, masters like Charles Schulz and Hank Ketchum greatly admired and praised Arriola, and with good reason! His deconstruction of the medium, his elegant line and his uncanny use of color still delight new readers.

Years ago, R.C.Harvey wrote a heartfelt and thorough biography of Arriola -- Accidental Ambassador. I wouldn’t think of attempting to improve on that book. My goal is to collect material for a dense, full-color art book, celebrating Arriola’s comic strip creation as well as his tremendous gift with line, voice and color. The focus will be on the art, and about Gordo in every detail. I want to create a document of Gus Arriola’s work that successfully makes the argument for his presence in the firmament of comic strip masters.

There are many hurdles in making this book a reality, and I have given myself four years to complete my research and, ideally, a first draft. In the meantime, I am compelled to share Arriola’s work with as wide an audience as I can find. There’s obviously a selfish motive here in building an audience for a potential book, but I also simply want the world to love Gus Arriola. This book is my passion. I’ll be sharing much of the content of the first draft online, under the “Gone & Forgotten” umbrella.

What’s the cash for?
  • Travel, photography, and access to collections: A project of this scale requires working with existing collections of Arriola’s work, which comes with expenses. I’ve already put a couple thousand miles behind me while doing research, and there’s much more awaiting me. There are also costs associated with photography, and some collectors only make their collections available under license.
  • Authenticity: This will be a complicated book to write. Besides contending with the technical matters, there are issues of ethnicity and identity to which I’m simply not qualified to speak, and matters of history and folklore that are new to me. For this, I’ll be reaching out to people who have thoughtful personal experience on matters of Mexican-American identity, machismo culture, MesoAmerican history, Mexican art and culture and so on. I don’t intend to undertake this alone, and only from my own perspective. I want this to be a genuinely thorough and thoughtful approach to the work.



Yes, well, I plan to give it another shot. Jeremy was my Ignatz Award-nominated webcomic which I shelved seven years ago. I have made an abortive attempt or two to bring him back in the past, but have dropped the ball. But I want to bring Jeremy back, so I’m trying again. Such is life. I’m an inspiration, really. A hero, if you think about it.

JEREMY centers around a nine year-old Frankenstein-American and his very unusual preadolescent world. Made out of criminal corpse parts and inhabiting a room full of demonically-possessed toys, Jeremy and his pals (Four normal kids, one wet thing in a shoebox called Cat, and then, of course, Bag) experience all kinds of spooky weirdness and falling-off body parts and there’s a thing in a box and his name is Barry and don’t not release him, thank you.

What’s the cash for?
  • Print editions: The idea will be to release short comics on the internet, and to release collections and longform stories in print form.
  • Assistants: I have a bad habit of trying to do everything myself. I would very much love a letterer and colorist, and may need to recruit assistance for the printing and shipping of the physical books.
  • Further pitches and projects: I would love to try to expand Jeremy’s world once he’s established. I’m not sure what form it might take, but your support would help, I'm sure.



Yep, there are a plentitude of other things! I’m designing a role-playing game! I’m learning how to cast vinyl molds and design in 3D! I pretend to be a 103 year-old Borscht Belt comedian on Twitter sometimes! And sometimes I draw and write things that I just don’t feel like showing to the public. What the hey, though. You’ll get to see them! You’re like “the public,” but special. I hope that makes you feel good.
So what do you get in return?

  • Monthly digests of new content: You’ll receive a PDF collection of everything I’ve publicly written every month, including Gone & Forgotten, The Chronological Superman, Gordo, and any art or comics from that month!
  • Complimentary copies of any for-sale digital media as it debuts!
  • Sneak peeks at pitches as they’re being developed!
  • A 24-page monthly sketchbook: The most popular part of my old Patreon, this will be exclusive to Patreon subscribers. These will contain annotations, too
  • Holiday cards! Yeah, get on my list! I always print too many anyway!
  • Early access to sales of original art
  • Other things, maybe you got an idea! Whenever I’m at a loss for my next project or next stage of a project, I’ll bounce it off’a you folks! You can be my inside advisors!

(Perks activate at start of month, November 2019)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed at least some of the work I have done in the past, and I hope you’ll support the work I’m doing in the future. As for the present … well, you’re MY present, just by being here.

Thanks. This was really long. Sorry. Thanks
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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