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Mice level supporters gain access to all to Patreon exclusive content including my World Building blog posts and story book editions of all my stories. In addition, when I have an interactive story with free sign up mouse level supporters gain preferred placement over players from outside Patreon! If you choose this level please remember management is not responsible for any loss of size or sudden cravings for cheese.
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$5 Squirrel Level Support
As one of my squirrel supporters in addition to all lower level rewards you get to become a citizen of Switch City. Switch City is a strange place that exists on a nexus between worlds where multiple versions of it overlay each other. Some have magic, some don’t. Some have anthros some have humans some have both. As a citizen of Switch City you will be allowed to participate in YCH stories taking place within this setting, and the stories are posted exclusively to patreon. Due to there being multiple versions of Switch City, it is your choice if the character you use is the same one following one continuity or an alternate version from a different Switch City. When Switch City YCH stories go up, sign ups will be posted on Patreon with priority for those who sign up going to those who have gone the longest without appearing in a story. For those with equal priority signing up for the same slot it will be picked at random which gets the slot. The goal is one Switch City story a month but I cannot guarantee this schedule quite yet.

In addition, and for all tiers above this, you will automatically receive the monthly theme discount on commissions regardless of if it matches the theme or not. You must have been pledged for at least one full month to claim this benefit. Note, this is only available at $5 and up, the retired $4 tier does not include this.

You may also experience strange desires to climb trees and stockpile nuts.
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Mystery Egg Level Support

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In addition to all lower rewards, you get a new experimental reward. Essentially, when I’m in the mood to write specific things but don’t have a target for the story that’s where you come in. These are blind box transformations, so once you provide a character for it you never know what they’ll get turned into. You can continue to use the same character and maintain continuity, use a new one each time, or reset your character. Do note though that the character should be a different incarnation from your Switch City character. Mystery Egg stories work similar to Switch City, in that you are not guaranteed each month. However, goal is to two do of these a month, with the stories being 2k or less. The price of this tier is discounted since you have no say in what you get and its a complete surprise. Note, all higher tier rewards may now choose the Mystery Egg reward in place of their normal if they wish and will be guaranteed a story as usual with their normal word length. They’ll just be surprised by what it entails. Also, you may take nice pleasant naps inside small cramps spaces before suddenly hatching and finding yourself a new species.

(Please note if signing up for this reward it is likely very important you take my preferred and banned TFs survey)
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About Calex The Werekitten

Writing various stories with furry and transformation themes including but not limited to animal transformations, anthro, shrinking and age regression. Stories are mostly tame in terms of content but contain non descriptive nudity. (If you count having fur as naked) I mostly write comedic stories and adventure. Also do interactive story games where you can enter your own character into the stories, often in a game or competition against others. For Patrons I'll include a few behind the scenes post discussing some of my recurring characters, as well as a few free mini commissions for the higher patrons. Your support helps keep me fed so I can keep writing so I greatly appreciate it!

All patrons will gain access to storybook .pdf copies of all stories I post in other galleries. In addition you will gain access to World Building posts where I talk about some of my thought processes in designing characters and settings. If you pledge $5 or more you can also have a character to be included in the Switch City setting. Switch City is a nexus of different realities where all kinds of things, mostly transformation related can happen! I will occasionally post Switch City Your Character Here Stories up on patreon, with priority going to those who have gone the longest without appearing in a story.

Note, some rewards like the Mystery Eggs as well as Switch City stories may surprise you with what TFs you get with you not knowing until you see the story. For that reason if you're using one of those rewards II highly reccomend filling out the TF Preference survey. It is completely optional but gives me an idea of what you're good with and what you do note want.

TF Preference Survey

Story Commission Guidelines
If you're interested in a commission please feel free to contact me through my google form! Also please look over my terms and conditions first! I am somewhat restrictive on what subjects I write, but as a general rule of thumb I try to keep everything at a PG rating.

Every month there is a theme that if your commission matches the theme you get 25% off. If you are at the $5 level or higher and have been a patron for at least one month you automatically receive this discount regardless of if the story fits the theme or not.

Terms of Service

Commission Request Form

If you're trying to find Switch City stories and don't want to get through all the posts, here's a helpful little link that will bring up all Switch City content on my Patreon.

Switch City Stories

Art for page by Coshi Dragonite used with permission.
Check out Coshi's awesome art gallery and great comission rates
Coshi Dragonite on DeviantArt
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Will be able to quit other jobs and focus on writing full time! Even more content will be released!
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