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Access to my patreon-only blog, covering experiences working in the industry, sex work, extracts from my book.

Creator Credits

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By pledging to this tier you get access to the $1 tier AND you will get your name/social media handle listed in the credits o every video I make on Youtube because YOU helped bring it about!

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For those of you who want to keep as updated as possible. The mailing list will inform you of all the monthly projects, links and cool stuff happening! You might also get exclusive sneak peaks at n...

Boss Babes

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The ultimate tier for babes looking for further tax/financial info. Articles discussing business and finance, freelance and more. This is an extension of my Youtube channel, but more in depth. A mo...

Private Youtube!

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Full access to monthly videos that nobody else has access to! From BTS business videos, podcasts, or silly ideas that I don't publish on my main youtube. They might be too sexy, or just something d...


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Risque nude & boudoir shoots because I love taking photos like this, and why not? Get down with your bad self & pledge to perve.

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Full access to monthly video scripts before they become Youtube videos.


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Risque nude snaps, shower shows, boobs & whatnot. Send me a message with your snap name once you've pledged so that I can add you to the list!

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New merch sent out monthly to patrons. Leave a message with your size once you've signed up & you can access clothing, prints and mugs with photos from the recent shoots on.