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Every dollar is a fortune to us and gets us closer to the goal - being the best calisthenics fitness app that is available to everyone.

Giving up one bar of Snicker to help Caliverse be updated while remaining free and without ads? Doesn't seem to be a tough thing to do.

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Just need a few of you to support us with this tier to keep Caliverse up and running with all the bills paid. There is a chance for you to be a part of the people who are giving back to the calisthenics community.

And this could happen by just giving up two cups of Starbucks coffee. Sounds quite easy to me.

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Single supported from this tier would cover all our server costs. This money would give us a chance to build new things faster, better and more beautiful.

This is a bit more than a bar of Snickers or cup of Starbucks coffee. But it still is like a single ticket to Warner Brothers studio or a good seat in NHL game.




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About Caliverse

Calisthenics for the whole universe - this is our mission and this is Caliverse. Giving a chance for everyone to learn what is calisthenics and how to perform it correctly - our friends United Calisthenics Group will show exactly how everything is done!

We build a platform that will work as a fitness app - so you can find what to do and track your performance - and social network allowing people to connect with professional athletes and train from their example and given workout plans.

And Caliverse will offer a possibility for professional athletes to earn some money by making professional workout plans to achieve some goals.

Yep, this will all be found in Caliverse!
$10.44 of $250 per month
Why $250? This amount of money will cover all current bills and by saving up the remainings, will be able to invest it to some parts of Caliverse that I can't do myself.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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