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Join our Slack Group! See some of the behind scenes stuff that goes on before we hit record and join in the conversation with feedback, questions, and gently hurtful comments to Wes.

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About Calling All Platforms

We're just a few guys talking about our favorite hobby. And that just happens to be tech! We cover everything from Apple to Google to PC to console gaming. We give viewpoints from all sides.

Landen: All things Google. Big into the mobile tech. Prefers Apple computers but usually uses

Spendlove: All things Apple. Uses a Windows PC for gaming (gamertag: TimeToPunt).

Wes: All things Microsoft. Even used a Windows Phone for way too long. Big gamer.
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We'll take the extra effort to record all the discussion that happens before the podcast actually starts, which we'll then release to our Patrons. You'll get to hear everything behind the curtain, from discussions about movies to Spendlove's rants about... everything.
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