creating Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, Furious Angels and mor
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Unlocks access to: 

  • Furious Angels comic in 4K HD
  • Past AHMT in High Definition
  • PG-13 commission posts in HD
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The cherished rank of Ranger is yours.

Unlocks access to: 
  • All the previous tier rewards as a well as...
  • Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire comic in 4K HD
  • Vote on what happens next in Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire
  • Read all 3 exclusive fan-art comics online
  • A new pic in 4k every Friday
  • Exclusive AHMT pics
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Ranger Elite
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Your reputation and skill have earned you a promotion in the Rithian forces!

Unlocks access to:  
  • All the previous tier rewards as a well as... 
  • Issues 1-5 PDFs for Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire for offline reading instantly
  • An additional back issue of Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire every month after first month
  • Bonus exclusive AHMT versions (back catalogue)
Includes Discord benefits
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Your skills as a Ranger have earned attention from HQ and you now have input into more operations.

Unlocks access to:
  •  All the previous tier rewards as a well as... 
  • Access the Top Tier Thursday exclusive series!
  • Even more AHMT and AFLF exclusives (back catalogue)
  • AHMT downloadable PDFs
  • All 3 fan-art comics as PDFs instantly
Includes Discord benefits
$20 per month

Your rise through the Rangers have earned you a role of distinction from command! Includes

  •  All the previous tier rewards as a well as... 

  • Full access to back catalogue of posts!

  • Rewarding Awesome Rangers exclusive series (new pics weekly, vote on following month's series)

  • Make requests for Top Tier Thursday exclusive series

  • AHMT and AFLF posts in double resolution starting with AHMT #160 and AFLF #17

  • All complete comics as PDFs for download

Includes Discord benefits
$50 per month

Your dedication to the cause is the stuff of legend, to be remembered and honoured forevermore.  Includes:  

  •  All the previous tier rewards as a well as... 

  • A monthly reward pic drawn (black and white commission) (drawn on stream or offline if you're not a stream viewer ;) ) + timelapse recording

Includes Discord benefits