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Hey! It might not seem like much, but every dollar helps me make more incredible costumes!! 1$ gives you access to my Patreon Exclusive feed which includes:

  • Silly photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tutorials, tips and WIP photos!
  • Access to Discord!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Upcoming plans and Cosplay sneak Peeks! 
  • Lots of selfies and a look into my personal life!
  • and an look at everything I am doing before I ever post it on my public pages. (this includes YouTube Videos!!)
Includes Discord benefits


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GUYS THIS IS SO GREAT! I decided to do something special for this tier, it is the same as the 1$ reward except


  • After 1 year of being fully pledged you will get a special bundle of a few prints as a thank you for all your support!
  • Please tell me which prints you already have so that you wont get duplicates! ( Thank you to Danielle Beaulieu for inspiring this tier, you are so damn amazing!)

Includes Discord benefits

Silver (Snappy Chatty)

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WOW! 10 dollars may seem small, but I can buy a bundle of Foam with that!

When pledging $10, you will receive all the previous rewards as well as:
After you pledge this I will message you and personally thank you!

  • You can request high-resolution photos sent to you personally <3 but they will also be posted here!
  • Some Photos from the shoot and BTS!!
  • Access to my Snapchat!!!! ( Silly videos of me dancing showing how much I love you guys and your support!)
  • Be able to pick my cosplay!! Every month I will have a poll for which Character I will be making!

The photos can be used as wallpapers, phone backgrounds and includes my cosplay and my boudoir shoots. I do not post high res photos anywhere else online! You can see these posts by filtering my newsfeed by $10 and up posts 

Includes Discord benefits






Hey Guys! My name is Liz Merlot! Currently, I live in Los Angeles and I am 22 years old. I've always been a huge nerd, and a meme lover I have NO SHAME. In case you did not know, Patreon is a way for you guys to contribute monthly in exchange for various rewards! Currently, I am a full time student and I hope Patreon will help me make more content for you guys! Thank you guys so much for being so amazing! I stopped Patreon for awhile BUT NOW IM BACK BBY! Lets get this party started >:)!

that Alien guy right there?? is me! Thank to Patreon ive been able to create things ive never made before! ANNND I get to post how to make them here!!!!!!!!! 

"Why Patreon?"
Patreon is another place to share exclusive and more indepth content! I post full photo sets here before it goes on any Social Media pages. On top of that, its a great platform for making badass armor and costume tutorials and OF COURSE MODEL THINGSSSSS( All implied none of it is actually NSFW or Pornographic, I model because I love it and thats all) . I also offer monthly physical gifts like prints, mini prints, and random bonuses here and there! Sometimes, I also offer prop giveaways, Like a mercy staff and so much more! Its just an amazing way to show support for the artists you really love and get a little something in return!

"Does this mean we have to join Patreon?"
No! I do not want you guys to ever feel pressured to pledge on patreon! Your support already means the world to me and you have already helped me in so many ways! So what if you do pledge? I have such a wonderful group of Patreons in my Patreon family, they offer me support, suggestions and we all have alot of fun! My goal is I'm going to be making a new costume every single month and you guys will see it first, and a majority of photos from that shoot are going to be patreon exclsuive photos and patreon exclusive prints! Here you guys can talk to me, input opinions and offer me the best support I could ever have! 
Thank you for taking the time to read this and check out my Patreon! You guys are the real heroes. <3

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GUYS I WOULD BE ABLE TO COSPLAY ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Thats why even a dollar makes such a huge contribution!
  • bring my patrons better rewards such as t-shirts, stickers, more MEMEEEEEEEEEEEEES, and video rewards!
  • Samus's Varia Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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