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Welcome to Call Me Scythe! I really hope you enjoy your time here, and I'm pretty sure you will. 

Thank you!
Thank you so much for stopping by. Reader eyeballs make the whole thing worthwhile. And I really want to hear from you in the comments. There is no greater reward as a creator than the appreciation - or criticism - of even a single fan. Seriously. Thank you. 

About Call Me Scythe
I've made a few video versions of Call Me Scythe like the one above, but it's primarily a strip to be read. It also lives here:

No spoilers here, and what the comic is about will become clear when you get into it, but if you woke me up at 3 a.m. and demanded a tagline it would be this: Death sets out to help people get more out of life. 

Aimed at adults, but not "adult"
Call Me Scythe is not for kids, but that's mainly because they won't think it's funny most of the time. Occasionally there is cartoon-censored language, and occasionally there will be a theme intended for people who live on their own in the world. Or, people who should, anyway.

A call for support
Call Me Scythe is free to read. You don't have to be become a patron to experience all the grandeur and majesty. My work is intended to make you laugh, think, and maybe even give you an idea or two you can use as you navigate life. Mostly just laugh, though.

If you think Call Me Scythe is worth a buck or two a month, I will gratefully accept your patronage. In fact, $1/month is all I ask. Of course, you can pledge more, but I will be so very grateful whatever you decide. 

What's my motive? 
I absolutely love cartooning. It truly is a reward in itself and I'd be doing this even if I didn't have to work for a living. Which, of course, I do. 

But full disclosure here: I want THIS to be my living. It's been my dream for decades. With Call Me Scythe I think I can actually do it because I honestly think it's good enough to warrant financial support. And I'm thinking big here. Animated series big. The video versions are sketches of what will be. The more patronage, the bigger and faster it grows.

So, thank you for even considering a monthly pledge of whatever amount you think fits.

More than one way to patronize!
Make no mistake:
I'm asking you to pledge $1/month. But if financial sponsorship just isn't for you, no problem! You can still be a patron of Call Me Scythe. Like it on Facebook, or, better yet, SHARE IT! Seriously, social amplification is extremely valuable. If financial patronage is out of the question, it's a fantastic way to show your support!

In closing
Thanks again for your interest in Call Me Scythe. I'm really glad to be on Patreon, and I'm glad you're here, too. At this point, I can't make any promises about posting volume. My creative time is limited. But I'll put it this way: increased patronage = increased output. I guess we all understand that's how it works. 

Thanks again!


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