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is creating a cyberpunk world
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About ˗ˏˋ Calvert

Hey, I'm Calvert. I grew up on Hollywood movie sets as a kid. Since then I've been working with several music artists, films and game studios such as Katy Perry, NBC Universal and Playstation to create immersive experiences. You can see more here.

I'm doing this Patreon for a couple reasons.
  1. The main one is I like creating content that inspires and helps others create.
  2. This will help me fund more games that I want to create and who knows... It's kind of an experiment.

What are you working on?

I'm creating a Cyberpunk world that's a mix of 2D & 3D comic. Possibly more. =)

Supporting me

By becoming one of my Patrons here get to an early access game build, work in progress updates, and other goodies! I'll be posting weekly if not more updates and live streaming some of the development.

What do I get as your Patron?

Mobile Sticker Emojis
I'm releasing an app for Android (and iOS later this year) that will distribute you some lovely avatars and sticker emojis to use in your messages etc. I'll add to this pile every month.

Exclusive digital loot
If you're a sub on patreon, you'll get exclusive loot that is not included or buyable anywhere else.

Tips + Tricks
I encounter interesting problems all the time. I want to start sharing little nuggets as I go in a chewable and readable format. 

Voting on new content
Once a month I'll create something you all vote on.

Are you doing commissions atm?

Yes, you can request them here.

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