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About Calvinist Batman

My name is Calvinist Batman, but seriously, call me Bruce...mostly because he does all the fundraising.

I'm excited to announce that starting January 2017, I will be launching a new podcast called Calvinist Batman Reads Systematic Theology. I have been hosting my other podcast Calvinist Batman & Friends for 2 years with over 105 episodes recorded. It has taught me a lot about consistency and how to launch a great show from day one. Each week on Calvinist Batman Reads Systematic Theology I will read a 15-20 minute section from a systematic theology (starting with Vos' Reformed Dogmatics: Parts 1-5) with no commentary. Just straight reading. Every couple months I plan on doing a summary episode talking to a guest about the sections I have been reading through. I will also be inviting some guests, both well-known and not well-known, to guest-host a reading here and there.


My goal is to help people study theology by making systematic theologies more easily accessible financially (since the books are quite expensive) and comprehensively (since not many people will ever pick up one of these old big books). By doing this, along with my efforts at Calvinist Batman & Friends, I hope to help people who are new to Reformed Theology who are eager to learn from well-known church doctors a chance to learn especially when they are strapped for time and money.

So why do I need help if I already have a podcast? It's funny actually. I never knew the cost of a podcast until I did one, and that was just to air it. That's not mentioning getting good hardware and software equipment to make it sound good.

For the past few years, I have done a t-shirt fundraiser every year to raise enough money to continue paying the hosting fees for another year. Again, just the hosting fees, not any of the other expenses. While the shirt sales have definitely helped keep the podcast afloat, the truth is that the show has had to dip into my personal pockets more and more. I hate fundraising and begging people to buy t-shirts so I can *hopefully* keep the show going. With this new podcast I decided to do something different: to start a Patreon and ask you to partner with me for this effort. I am committed to this for the long-term. If you find the goal above to be something you believe in and desire, please partner with me in making this show a reality.

Ultimately, I am hopeful that I have done my last t-shirt "fundraiser". I still would love to sell swag, though at for-cost prices. So in reality, this won't just support creating ONE podcast, but TWO podcasts since this will also help support my other show. I also plan on writing blog posts again and doing interviews via blog post with even more influential authors and theologians. 2017 is looking bright! To do all of this though, I need your help. I pray and hope you will consider joining me in this.

Thank you.
-- CB
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