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  • PSD(s) of some panels from updated chapters

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  • PSD(s) of some panels from updated chapters

  • HD  wips / doodles / illustrations

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About Calypsoo

Helloooo there    -   Thank you so much for coming!

I'm Calypsoo, the creator of Mellow Nova  

About me

I'm a high school student who looves creating characters and stories.
I made my ocs a few years ago and during the summer of 2018,
I finally decided to publish a webtoon about them. I have reached
beyond my expectations and I'm sososo very thankful to all my 
readers who have supported my story so far! And now, I want to
give you more content to enjoy 

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Here, you'll be getting exclusive and never-seen-before content 
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→There's a wide range of rewards for everyone, such as
sketches, PSD's, sneak peaks for future chapters and
special illustrations..
→ With your support, I'll be able to work harder for new chapters.
I want to give my readers as much content as possible as a 
thank you for reading my webtoon. 

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