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Tasty Snack
$1 or more per month patrons
You get access to the supporter-only activity stream. It includes previews of upcoming comics as I work on them, and the latest news.
Hearty Breakfast
$2 or more per month patrons
Everything listed above, plus you’ll also be rewarded with an exclusive new comic every month, available only through Patreon!
Bonus Brunch
$3 or more per month patrons
In additional to everything listed above, you’ll receive a free download of all my digital comic books before anyone else in the world sees them!
Value Meal
$5 or more per month patrons
You'll get a guest appearance in a future Blow The Cartridge or Rose comic (your choice!). AND you get all the goodies in the above tiers!
All You Can Eat!
$8 or more per month patrons
You get everything above AND advance copies of all my printed Blow The Cartridge and Rose comic issues!