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About Cami Goes Away

Hello! Kamusta?
I am Cami from the Philippines.
I just moved to Vietnam to work, meet new people, travel, and of course, find myself. I am an easy-going and adventurous girl!

I am interested in learning new cultures and languages.
Currently, I am studying Spanish by myself. I'm also learning Vietnamese, French, and German little by little. I try to meet with people from different walks of life so I could get an understanding of the world around me.

I have a passion for teaching and I like helping people learn. Now, I work as an English teacher in Saigon. Once a week, I also teach a class for free. In my own simple ways, I try to be of help to the people around me :) I treat them the same way I want to be treated - with kindness. Always with kindness.

I keep a journal of the things I experience in the countries I visit and soon I'll be able to share it with you through my Facebook page - @camigoesaway

I am also on Instagram (@supcami) posting videos and photos of where I am in Vietnam and activities I do with the locals and expats.

I hope you find my posts insightful and fun! See you all!