Camilla d'Errico is creating Pop Surrealist Manga Art

I Like Your Style

$1 /mo
Thanks for becoming a Patron of my artwork! A dollar goes a long way to helping me create my art. With only a dollar you are contributing to my art practise and helping me fund my projects! 

Drawings Galore

$2 /mo
Wanna see lots of my drawings? You'll get a digital pdf of my drawings and sketches! So much art for your viewing pleasure. And every month I'll do a new Bee Painting and enter Patrons like you int...

Fanfiction & Art

$3 /mo
I write Walking Dead fanfiction. You'll get my Bethyl story "Loss & Gain" each month plus the newest chapter monthly. PLUS you'll get a PDF of my monthly drawings AND a chance to win an origina...

Coloring Tier!

$5 /mo
Get Patreon-exclusive digital coloring pages when you join my monthly Patron-Only coloring tier! Each month you'll get a new page to color, you can upload it on Social media and Patreon with the ta...

Postcard Club

$10 /mo
Join my Postcard Club each month and I'll send you a hand signed postcard! I'll mail it to you anywhere in the world! So once a month you'll get a different, fun and pretty image. These cards aren'...

Patreon-Exclusive Fuzzbutt Prints

$20 /mo
Its FUZZBUTT time! Now you can collect your own hive of my fuzzy bumblers! Each month you'll get a NEW PATREON EXCLUSIVE 4"x6" bee print, available only to Patrons. These are not available anywhere...

First Dibs

$25 /mo
Get on the inside track with my Exclusives & Etsy Releases! You'll get early Preview of my upcoming Etsy releases which include original artwork, plates and one of my limited release items and ...

Monthly Mystery Box

$45 /mo
Get ready for goodies! Every month I'll send you a surprise package that will be full of an assortment of various items! It could be a package with a print, one of a kind sample, stickers, buttons,...

Collector's Club

$95 /mo
The ULTIMATE tier for Collectors who want it all and MORE! This tier includes the Monthly Mystery Box, First Dibs Preview, Postcard Club, Patreon-Exclusive Monthly Bee print that is SIGNED and hand...

Commissions Club

$250 /mo
You can commission me to do a drawing just for you that I'll frame and mail at the end of the month. I'll draw whatever you like as a black&white graphite drawing specially for you! It could be...

Commission Bee Painting

$300 /mo
I love bees! So every month I'll take up to 3 original bee painting commissions. You can pledge for one month to get a bee from me!  And suggest up to 3 colors for your bee, and I'll make and frame...