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As a thank you for pledging, we'll send you one batch of 10 antifascist stickers (random designs). Perfect for covering over fascist propaganda! Stick them on a street sign, a trash can, your laptop, your cat. The possibilities are endless!

We'll also give you a personal shout out along with all of our other Patrons on a monthly 'thank you' post on our Facebook page. Please feel free to get in touch with us to let us know the name you'd like to be credited as!

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Same as the previous tier, except because you're giving us a few more dollars, we'll give you a few more stickers! You'll get a pack of 10 each month for as long as you stay subscribed!

And of course, you'll also be included on our monthly Facebook shout out!

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Every month we'll send you 2 badges! Pin them wherever you like! Or if you already have too many, give some to a friend!

You'll also get:
- Monthly packs of 10 stickers
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About Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

Note: All donations made via Patreon are expressed in US dollars. Before pledging please check the exchange rate and make sure that your payment method won't charge an international transaction fee.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) is a community activist coalition based in Melbourne, dedicated to organising against the far right. Our common aim is to prevent fascists and their far-right allies from building a fascist movement in Australia.

CARF aims to build a movement that confronts and opposes the far right to stop them from growing, recruiting and spreading their violent ideology. Our power to combat racism and fascism comes from solidarity and unity in action.

The far right thrives off racist and right wing views that are dominant in mainstream politics, and the bigots and fascists have often been given a platform in the mainstream media. We have never received this kind of mainstream support - CARF has always had to rely on donations from supportive individuals and groups in order to promote our cause.

We have set up this Patreon page to try and raise funds in an ongoing way. CARF will use this money to print posters and leaflets, book rooms for public meetings, and cover other costs associated with our activities.

To get regular updates about upcoming meetings and demonstrations that CARF is organising, you can follow us on our Facebook page:

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