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With the support of their patrons around the world, Gary & Anna, an Edinburgh-based creative couple, create exclusive photo art and jewellery inspired by their favourite Scottish places, adventures and experiences. Through their creative projects, they bring the magic of Scotland to you.

So here's what we do. Each month's a new project and patrons receive a little something designed by us as a thank you and a nice keepsake (if you like cute Scottishy things then this is for you!). At the end of the year, patrons receive a silver bracelet, handmade by Anna, featuring unique silver charms inspired by the year's projects. A totally unique piece of silver jewellery to be worn and treasured. Aside from that, there's also Gary and Anna's monthly podcast, which is an informal, off-the-cuff sofa chat about their design/making processes (and various other random topics). If you like British humour, then you'll love this (probably).
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You get:

-  Access to our Creative Journeys blog and podcast where we bring the magic of Scotland to you wherever you are in the world.

- Our heartfelt thanks!

Wee Bit More
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As well as the basic tier benefits you also get: 

- a wee special something in the mail each month: a stamped and signed postcard from us featuring Gary's photo art.

- Access to high resolution digital downloads of Gary's photo artworks for using as your desktop background, screensaver or social media headers etc.

Full Scottish
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As well as all the lower tier benefits you also get: 

- An exclusive silver bracelet featuring charms inspired by our creative journeys, which is handmade by Anna and sent out at the end of the year as a unique thank-you gift.

- An attractive keepsake/jewellery box after 12 months patronage.

- Exclusive behind the scenes glimpses of the craftsmanship that goes into Anna's silver clay jewellery work.

- To become part of our Creative Journeys. Tell us what Scottish places or themes you'd like us to feature!

- Personal thank-you in Gary & Anna's blog and podcast.

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