Camp Cult is creating
visualizers, games, things

collaboration comprising of a couple of creators, composing a copious count of crafts.

Give $
per physical good release
per physical good release
Milestone Goals
Going pro
$150 per physical good release
Swell, this will cover both of our Unity Pro monthly licences, a commendable piece of computer software that we use to craft certain creations. With ready access to Unity's pro features we can produce much more content.
Pay it forward, commission a collaborator monthly.
$1,000 per physical good release
Yay, this will take a good chunk out of our living costs. At this point we want to start expanding the camp and commission cult-worthy creations from the cast of cool cats that spark our creativity.

Camp Cult is Supporting

Camp cult, at the core is the collaboration of Cale Bradbury and Kelvin Put. Cale has been creating gifs on the daily for the last year, and has a copious collection of free games, and interactive visualizers. Kelvin has educated him self in the school of game design and development as a 3D artist but as of late can be found indulging his curiosities in various other forms of visual and interactive media. 

We are looking for support to help us work full-time on making lots of little psychedelic animations, piles of .gif goodness, games, not-games, interactive web-toys (HTML5 so they will work on your phones too!), music videos or whatever we want to build that day.
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